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The Kimon M was a general cargo vessel of 3,129 tonnes, with four cargo holds - classic design two forward and two aft of the central bridge structure. She was built Germany in 1952.

In December 1978, loaded with 4,500 tons of lentils she made her final voyage. On December 12th 1978, with engines at full speed the Kimon M drove hard onto the northeast corner of Sha'ab Abu Nuhâs Reef.

A passing cargo ship, the Interasja, immediately responded to the distress call and picked up all the crew and delivered them safely to Suez two days later. The initial impact with the reef drove the Kimon M hard onto the top where she stayed for several days, allowing the recovery of some of her cargo. However high wind and currents pushed the ship onto her starboard side until the remainder of the ship fell into deeper water, coming to rest at the base of the reef. Later a large hole was cut into the vessel in order to salvage the majority of the engine.

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