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SS Thistlegorm:  

A trip around Thistlegorm today  many visitors experience high emotions during the dive. After all it’s a bomb site with highly visible signs of great destruction and loss. It's also an underwater museum, a war grave, a unique piece of history.

Sunk by German bomber planes in World War Two, SS Thistlegorm has lain at the bottom of the sea for over sixty years. Located in the Straits of Gubal, Northern Red Sea.

Jacques Cousteau's visit in 1955 remains the subject of much discussion and like the legend himself Thistlegorm continues to attract speculation and controversy from beyond the grave.

Divers can visit the wreck from Sharm El Sheikh by daily boat or during a weeklong safari. Located at approximately 30M in good visibility this is the perfect wreck dive where large amounts  of the original cargo still remains. The bow is just 15M below the surface and the propeller at 27M.

The wreck measures over four hundred feet long, SS Thistlegorm often requires several dives to complete an extensive coverage, inside and out.

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